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"I asked an old man: “Which is more important? To love or to be loved?” The old man replied: “Which is more important to a bird? The left wing or the right wing?"

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Mathematical Object Minimalist Posters by Visualizingmath(Yes, I actually attempted to make something!)

Thank you to Curiosamathematica for creating the Klein Bottle image!

These are are


14 bizarre and beautiful mushrooms


photos by klaus echle, a forest ranger in germany’s black forest who came to gain the trust of this young female red fox. but after six months, at the start of the mating season, she disappeared. “i still miss seeing her,” he said. 

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12 quinoa recipes for any time of dayNow you can enjoy quinoa for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert with these recipes!

Recipe: Strawberry Basil SangriaUnlike many sangrias, this one is designed to showcase the wine, not cover it up.

Foxes On A Trampoline

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It’s more enjoyable watching Jordy watch Ender’s Game instead of actually watching Ender’s game jordonbennett