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Foxes On A Trampoline

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It’s more enjoyable watching Jordy watch Ender’s Game instead of actually watching Ender’s game jordonbennett

Salmon, mashed potatoes, rain, Netflix, and champagne :)



Ocean Drifters - A beautifully constructed short story about plankton. Written and directed by Dr Richard Kirby and narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Beautiful indeed. Embarking on a tour below the sea, Attenborough explores marine life from crab larvae to plankton to barnacles, the cyclical processes of photosynthesis, evolutionary diversity as discovered by Charles Darwin, and how what we know about our oceans shapes our view of the natural world, our changing climate, ocean salinity, and how plankton are serving as our “canaries of the ocean”, alerting us to the affects we continue to have on our world. View it in HD @ vimeo HERE.

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Erik Olson, 2011

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